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Online FREE Bill Pay

Another advantage we like to offer to our members is the Free online bill pay. This allows you to pay your bills online without the hassle of having to send your checks through the mail! Enroll today by calling a representative at Peoples Credit Union. Once you have been enrolled you may then access this feature without contacting a representative again. Call us today to get you set up for Free Online Bill Paying!

Strong Products, Sweet Service, And all the Perks of Membership. Serving people who live or work in Hamilton and Surrounding Counties..member NCUA and Equal HousingAlready enrolled? Login to your account and start paying your bills.

Check Reordering

Order your checks online now!

Share Draft/Checking:

Members can open a share draft account at the Credit Union with an initial deposit of $50. Dividends are figured on the average daily balance if at least $200 is maintained. Some of the other features of our share draft accounts are:

  • Carbonless share drafts for easier record-keeping
  • Automatic transfer for overdrafts if prearranged by the member.
  • Direct deposit and payroll deduction
  • Direct withdrawal features (telephone bill, house payment, etc.)
  • Free Checking

MasterMoney Debit Card

  • Convenience of using a card rather than writing a check for purchases
  • Accepted world-wide even where share drafts or checks usually are not
  • Card can be used in ATM machines that display CIRRUS or SHAZAM networks for deposits, withdrawals, transfers and inquiries.
  • Privilege Status ATM machines free of charge transactions

Fraud Updates for Members:

Savings Programs:

We are proud of the array of savings accounts we offer to our members:
  • Primary Share Account
  • Secondary Share Account
  • Christmas Club Account
  • Money Market Account
  • Escrow Accounts
  • Term Share Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
  • Kirby Kangaroo Club Accounts

Financial Counseling

As a full service credit union we like to offer our members advantages for banking with us. Included in this is our Memberships to online investing and financial services. To learn more you can click here for Financial Counseling Services.


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          Member of the Privileged Status ATM network
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