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Member of National Credit Union AdministrationHow to Use Voice Banking

Voice Banking

Voice Banking is a computerized voice response system that provides you with nearly every service as a credit union teller. With Voice Banking and a touchtone phone, your accounts are availableto you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Before you callVoice Banking, you will need to know:

  1. Your account number and account types. You can find these on your statement.
  2. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you access Voice Banking you will be instructed on how to select your PIN.

Getting started

Dial 1-877-478-3663 from any touchtone phone. You will hear the Voice Banking greeting.
Press 1 to use the Voice Response System.

To use the Voice Banking

For inquires - Press 1

  1. Specific account information
  2. Account balances
  3. Cleared checks, deposits, or withdrawal information
  4. Interest/Dividend information
  5. Loan information
  6. Payroll information
  7. Check current rates
  8. Tax information

To transfer funds - Press 2

Other Services - Press 3

  1. Change your password
  2. Estimate a loan payment
  3. Request copies
  4. Report lost or stolen Debit Card
  5. Report lost or stolen Credit card

Joint member inquires - Press 4

Account balances - Press 5

Cleared checks, deposits or withdrawal information Press 6

Withdraw Funds - Press 8

PRESS * at any time to exit or end call.

(Six electronic tranactions per month limit)

          Member of the Privileged Status ATM network
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